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[Doujinshi] Unknown - Kaizoku Joou 2 RAW (One Piece: Nami/Vivi) [NC-17]
OP - NamiVivi
The only real yuri doujinshi I own ;_; If you've ever searched for One Piece yuri doujins then you've likely come across this one already, in a shitty 1000 height form. Well, since I believe bad scans are an insult to the doujinshi (and a few pages were missing, though nothing important) I've scanned my copy in a nice high-res version for everyone. Sorry it's not yaoi or ZoSan but I felt like a change.

Summary: Nami and Vivi have sex. Then they have sex again. And then there's a short gag comic about Igaram's nightmare of Vivi leaving to become a pirate and some standalone pictures. The scans are in huge res, hence massive filesize.

NamixVivi / NC-17 / 18 pages / 18.77MB / ZIP

Artist: Unknown
Circle: Unknown
Scanned by: slaughterchichi
Purchase: No

[ Mediafire ]

Please comment if you download :D

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Ah, my favorite One Piece pairing. Thanks for this! Definitely downloading. ♥

No problem~ Just glad to share the love :D

Ah, I remember this one! It was pretty damn adorable for porn. My favorite pairing, too. ♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to make HQ scans!

thanks for the share... : )

Thanks for share!
I Like some Yuri~


Видео порно (

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